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NAME: Emily Champion

AGE: 14


WHAT IS THE EVENT YOU ARE BEST KNOWN FOR? I compete in a variety of Cross Country Skiing events. However, I am best known for long distance skate races.

WHAT OTHER EVENT/S DO YOU PARTICIPATE IN? I also compete in long distance classic races along with skate and classic sprint races.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE AUSTRALIAN RESORT AND WHY? My favourite Australian resort is definitely Perisher. They have 50km of beautiful Cross Country trails. It is also my favourite place to downhill ski when I’m taking a break from training!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE INTERNATIONAL RESORT AND WHY? I have only downhill skied so far in Niseko, Japan which was awesome.  I am yet to travel overseas to Cross country ski. However, I am hoping to be travelling to Canada in January 2017 with some other members of the NSWXC Team to train and race!

DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER SPONSORS? IF SO, TELL US ABOUT THEM! No, Rhythm Snowsports is my first sponsor.

WHAT IS YOUR FUNNIEST STACK STORY? I have had thousands of stacks but I think my funniest (and most embarrassing) would have to be when I first started Cross Country ski racing. I was in a race, trailing close behind and about to pass another a girl.  The girl stacked right in front of me with only about 50m from the finish line. I quickly tried to dodge her, however, I was too close and just landed right on top of her with both my skis tangled in the net fencing! As luck would have it, the girl who stacked got up and crossed the finish line while I was still tangled up in the net fence.  I stay well away from the fences now!

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WHEN DID YOU START SKIING? I have been a very keen downhill skier since I was 4.  I began Cross Country skiing at age 12, when my school’s relay team needed an extra member. Now Country Skiing is my passion and I just downhill ski for fun when I am not training or racing.

WHEN (AND WHAT!) WAS YOUR FIRST COMPETITION? My first competition in 2014 was the Amelia McGuinness Sprint Time Trails in Perisher.


1st U18 (5km) Cooma Clean Out the Cobwebs - Freestyle - July 2016

1st U16 NSW Jr Sprint Championships - Freestyle - July 2016

1st U18 (5km) Cooma Clean out the Waxbox - Classic - July 2016

1st U16 ACT Sprint Championships - July 2016

2nd U16 NSW Distance Championships - Freestyle - July 2016

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE SUMMER ACTIVITIES? In the summer I love to swim and run both competitively and for fun.

WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE ATHLETE AND WHY? My favourite athlete is Torah Bright, another Rhythm team rider. She has been through many hardships in her career but had always stood strong and I admire her for that. I also love the way that when she was my age she embraced every opportunity offered to her with courage and made the most out of them, despite having to sacrifice many things.

WHAT IS YOUR ALL TIME FAVOURITE RUN? WHERE IS IT AND TELL US WHY IT IS YOUR FAVOURITE! The Cross Country trails are different to the usual downhill runs as they are all connected. I love to go backcountry for some fun and explore off the trails!




WHO IS SOMEONE THAT YOU THINK WE SHOULD ALL KEEP OUR EYES ON THIS SEASON? WHY? This season everyone should keep their eyes open for Bentley Walker-Broose, a fellow Rhythm Development Team Cross Country skier. Bentley recently spent the Australian summer training on a special program in the US with the Vail Cross Country Ski Team. He has been training hard all summer and I can’t wait to see how it has paid off when he hits the snow! 

ANY LAST MINUTE WORDS OF WISDOM? I would really like to encourage more young skiers to try cross country skiing.  The training is exhausting but exhilarating, the trails are scenic and beautiful to experience and the racing is exciting, particularly the mass starts!

Check out Emily's instagram to keep updated with all her many days training and competing! @emily_champion_