Fitting Chains


Snow chains must be fitted when directed to by the authorities.

It is mandatory for any 2WD vehicle to carry chains within the national park – even if you don’t use them!

Chain inspections take place \randomly during the winter months with the fines exceeding $300 if you do not have chains in the vehicle

If you have a 4WD or AWD but are inexperienced at driving or snow or ice you may like to consider carrying chains

Helpful tips:

Carry a waterproof mat or garbage bag and gloves.

Store them in an easy to get to spot on the car.

If you have not fitted chains before, have a practice when it is dry

Fitting Ladder Pattern or Hoop Chains

Determine which are your driving wheels (front or rear)

Shake out the chain so there are no kinks or tangles

When holding the hoop, ensure the lever hook is on the bottom left side

Slide the chains over the driving wheel

Connect the hook and chain behind the bottom of the tyre

Adjust the strips of chain around the tyre so they sits evenly

Secure the lever hook to the chain at the front of the tyre

Move the car forward a few meters and refit chains until they a tight

Secure any spare chain hanging from the lever hook to ensure that as you drive it does not scratch your car or mudguards

Fitting Diamond Pattern Chains

Pass the cable behind the tyre

Join Cable together at the top of the tyre

Hook the front chain together

Pass the yellow cable through the ratchet

Join Yellow hook and cable together

Move the car forward a few meters and refit chains until they a tight



When the chains are on, drive slowly to avoid tyre damage and remove them at the first opportunity.

Warning: Don’t drive on dry tarmac with chains fitted