Helmet Buying Guide

At Rhythm Snow Sports we have 1000+ helmets for sale! Here is a quick easy guide to help you find the one that is right for you!

Helmets are designed and constructed for a one off large impact. If you have an incident or accident with your helmet, it is best to get a new one, as it will not have the same protection capability.



What to look for


Measure in cm around your head above your eyebrows and ears.

Kids/XSmall             50-54cm

Small/Medium        53-56cm

Medium/Large        55-58cm

Large/XLarge            57-61cm


The helmet needs to fit firmly, but not too tight. Each manufacturer will have a different construction so you may need to try a few on. When you put the helmet on and shake your head, if it rides up your forehead or cover your eyes, then it is too big


There are two types of interior construction

-          In-molded have a thin hard outer shell that is molded to a foam liner

-          Hard Shell have a thick hard shell which is pre formed than glued to the foam liner, this design is for the budget conscience


There are a number of different shapes available in ski and board helmets, mostly it will come down to personal choice, it’s a good idea to look for soft shell ear protection for warm and safety.


All helmets will have some type of venting. Some models will include adjustable vents. It will depend on your personal preference whether to go for sliding vents, plugs or button vents


Take your goggles with you when selecting a helmet to ensure they are compatible and comfortable together! Aim for NO gap between the top of your goggles and the rim of the helmet. Make sure the goggle strap fits over the helmet.


There are 2 main standards that you will frequently see on snow helmets

-          (ASTM) is the United States standard for helmet safety rating (ASTM F2040)

-          Central European Norm (CEN), a European safety standard (CEN 1077)


-          Bankers Brim – stops water and snow running down the face of your helmet into your eyes or goggles

-          Removable ear/neck piece

-          Anti-odour/anti-bacterial treatment

-          Inbuilt earphones

-          mAdjustable fit

-          Additional foam

-          Interior goggle channel

-          Removable visor


Caring for your Helmet

Do not expose your helmet to extreme pressure or heat. Clean with a damp cloth. Helmets will perish over time so replacement every 3 years is recommended