Buying Travel Bags

Luggage Buying Guide

From Travel, Every Day, Snowboard Bags, Ski Bags and Boot Bags, we have a huge range. Some things you might like to consider include what you are using your bag for, size including length and capacity and if you need wheels or are looking for any other special features.

Size and Capacity

The most important thing you need to consider is size and capacity of your bag. What will you be doing with your bag, Is it for trekking, to take skiing or for travelling? How much stuff do you need to fit in. All the back backs and travel luggage have literage. This way you can see you much space the bags have and weather it will fit in everything you need to pack so check the information to find its capacity.

Ski and Snowboard length is a major point to consider. Firstly check the length of your ski or board to get the correct length of the bag. Ski’s and boards come in centimetres as does the length of the ski and board bags so you will need to make sure the length or your ski or board will fit in the bag. Some bags are single or double particularly with ski bags. This means it can hold one or two pairs of skis generally with bindings. You may also like to consider if you would like to pack other things into your ski or board bag such as boots. Some bags have a boot section for boot storage so keep a look out for this. If travelling overseas you might like to store some clothes inside as well to avoid having to take too many bags, so if this is the case you may like to buy a bag that is longer in length or buy a double bag to stash all your belongings in there but only one pair of skis.


If you have travelled overseas before you know that having wheels on your luggage can be a life saver. So this again comes down to what you will be using your bags for? If it is for travel, having wheels can be very useful especially on heavy luggage or on snowboard and ski bags because they are bulky and awkward to carry. Wheels on carry on luggage bags can also be very useful when going through the cabins. Use these helpful tips when buying your luggage or Ski and Snowboard bags to buy the correct one to suit your needs.

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