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Sustainability: 3 brands leading the way

Here at Rhythm we love to explore the mountains and our amazing alpine environment and we are always looking for ways to protect this diverse landscape for decades to come. In recognition of Thredbo's Environment Week we spoke to three of our leading brands to find out more about how they are designing, manufacturing and delivering products in more sustainable ways. 



10 million plastic bottles are bought and discarded every 10 minutes worldwide!

Back in 2012, Volcom teamed up with Reprieve, a company which converts plastic waste into fiber. The fibers are then converted into fabric used in the manufacturing of outwear, jeans and jumpers. Opting for these fabrics result in approximately 62% less energy used, 99% less water as well as up to 25% less waste created and 20% less CO2 emitted.

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Swift Bib Snowboard Pants - Womens
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Dua Gore-Tex Snowboard Jacket
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Barkley Ins Bib Snowboard Pants - Kids



Polyester is petroleum based.

Picture is best known for converting plastic bottles into ski jackets in a similar process to that described above. This fabric replaces a huge 69% of virgin polyester used in the manufacturing of technical apparel. Additionally, Picture uses 92% organic cotton in their products, reducing water waste by 93%.The brand takes the process one step further by reusing fabric offcuts created through the manufacturing process in the linings of jackets and sleeping bags.

Moving forward, Picture is working on bio-recycling solutions, extracting existing fibers from old products to create new products. The company also hopes to eliminate their reliance on plastic waste by developing  a solution which instead uses renewably-sourced materials.

This diagram illustrates the material makeup of Picture products-

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U68 Ski Jacket - Womens
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Naikoon Ski Jacket
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Exa Ski Pants - Womens


Arc'Teryx prides itself on being design focused, creating products that are function and purpose driven. The Arc'Teryx range is built to last and features a timeless design. The brand encourages consumers to buy less through buying quality products that stand the test of time. To support this mission Arc'Teryx provides repair services so that products may be mended and given new life, extending the life span of products.

Additionally, Arc'Teryx have been using Dope Dying processes to produce their garments. Traditionally, most garments are manufactured white and then dunked in dye to produce various colours. This process results in a ton of excess water and dye which is then discarded. Dope Dying processes dye polyester and plastic chip before it is converted to fibers, reducing water waste and producing a deeper and longer lasting colour.

Finally, Arc'Teryx are pioneering the use of bio-polymer fabrics in their lightweight insulation. This fabric is made from 70% castor bean oil making it a more sustainable and renewable choice.

Read more about Arc'Teryx sustainability initiatives here and here.

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Sabre Ski Pant
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Atom Vest
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Covert Cardigan