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Pregnancy and your Ski boots

It’s long been known and more recently clinically studied that a person’s feet can change shape during pregnancy. In either length, width, height or in all 3 directions for some lucky people. 

So, why does this happen? and how does it affect your ski boots?

During pregnancy there’s a whole lot of hormones released (yay!). One called “Relaxin” is released to help your body adapt to its growing and changing shape. 

Relaxin works by helping loosen and soften ligaments and other tissues so they can expand easily. Without Relaxin, this whole process would be more painful. The process doesn’t just affect a targeted area however, it also influences our feet. 

The arches in our feet are held together by very strong ligaments and supported by lots of surrounding muscles and tendons. So, by relaxing these things, our feet then can drop and expand, resulting in, you guessed it, larger feet in one way or another. But your ski boot didn’t grow with you. 

Pictured: Emily being refitted after her pregnancy by our ski boot fitter Jess

So, when you are getting back on the mountain, putting your freshly expanded tootsies into your pre-pregnancy fitted boots can be pretty painful stuff and have some long-term effects if not addressed. Your ski boot can be the make or break of your ski trip.

Luckily for you, newer ski boots are designed to be stretched and moulded to your feet. A boots inners and liners can be fully customised for extra comfort and support. Add in some custom footbeds and you got yourself the perfect fit! So if you’ve recently (or not so recently), had a baby and are experiencing pain being in your ski boots, or are just concerned about whether they will still fit you properly. 

Come and see our friendly experienced boot fitting team at Rhythm Snowsports to get the ultimate fit.

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