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OYUKI is one of our favourite brands atRhythm, their products are designed with purpose and built well. Theyhave achieved that once again with the OYUKI Haika gloveor mitt. Designed specifically for chasing fresh lines in thebackcountry of Niseko, Japan, the Haika features a 3-in-1 inner &outer shell combination to deliver the ultimate versatility on yourwinter missions.

Made withall new GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ with WINDSTOPPER® material, the Maluchi gloveinner provides mild protection from the elements by providing waterresistance, breathability, and dexterity. Apply the outer shell once youreach the top – this cold weather barrier is designed to keep theharshest of storms at bay. Made from maneuverable yet durable goatskinleather, the outer shells has external seams for added dexterity andcomfort, so you can rely on this backcountry sidekick when the goinggets tough.



TheHaika is a technical 3-in-1 shell and inner glove combination thatprovides multiple wearing options. DESIGNED FOR Perfect for backcountrytouring, photographers and adventurers who require durability andversatility.


Shell: - External seam for dexterity -Reinforced forefinger and thumb - YKK® zip cuff - Round fingerconstruction - Tricot lining for comfort and versatility - Carabinerincluded for keeping your set together - Wrist loop


Outer: Premium water-resistant goatskinleather with a tricot lining Inner Glove: Highly breathable GORE-TEXINFINIUM™ with WINDSTOPPER® technology, goatskin leather reinforcementsand touch screen tips #smashpow



Oyukigave me a pair to try this season and I have to say I liked it morethen I expected. I was already an OYUKI fan always wearing my OYUKIChika Mitt but it was still hard for me to change from my old faithfuls.But I did try it and I loved it. This glove suits me in resort andbackcountry. The liner is perfect for the warmer days when gloves areoverkill and then when it does get colder the shell is the perfect layerto add. OYUKI have thought about normal layering for the snow andapplied it to gloves, that's brilliant. I have the mitt only because Iprefer mitts but in this model, I reckon I could go either way. I evenwore the liners mountain bike riding in early

September, love it. Emily - Rhythm media

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