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I went up to Perisher for night skiing on Tuesday night, first time evereven though I’ve grown up in the Snowy Mountains and skied my wholelife. I was blown away by how much I liked it, what an incredibleexperience.Everything looked different, you can see the lights of Perisher frombehind the mountains on the drive up and skiing down front valley youcan see all the lodges on the other side of the carpark all lit up.I was so impressed with the night because I was with people who hadnever been to the snow before. It meant they got to try skiing withoutpaying for a day ticket, fighting with big crowds on runs or waiting forlifts. What an amazing way to try skiing or boarding. We went out ofschool holidays so I’m sure it gets busier during that time but it feltlike we had the resort to ourselves.I was wearing my usual ski get up but I changed my Dragon X1 goggle lensto the Clear base Transition lens. It did the job perfectly. It didn’tneed to change colour at all given it was dark and it didn’t, it stayedcompletely see through the whole time.For any who rides the park it was pretty much empty the whole night.There were a couple of people riding it but no one was waiting to dropin. They tell me night conditions can vary and it changes how good thepark is to ride but Tuesday night was perfect.If you have an EPIC pass night skiing or boarding is free otherwise itis only $32 for adults or $18 for children, unless your children have avalid day pass then they are free. Night skiing starts at 6pm, goesuntil 9pm and the fireworks are about 7:20pm. The hot tip is, as soon asthe fireworks start get yourself onto the chairlift for the best view.If you’re an expert skier you should still go check it out. Seeing theresort at night is completely different. There are fireworks and ofcourse après to be had at JAX.I can’t emphasise enough how impressed I was by night skiing, absolutelyperfect for beginners and intimidates and a bunch of fun for advanced.

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