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Packing for yourself is one thing, packing for your child can be a little more stressful. Here is a checklist to make sure you don't forget anything when you come to the snow these school holidays:



A very important first layer. Polypropeline or Merino, it doesn't matter but it's very important that it fits well. Best to avoid cotton as it retains moisture which will make kids cold!



Everyday socks will just not do, get your kids a good pair of snow socks made from wool or polyester. These are designed to wick sweat, keep feet warm and pad out rental boots.


Fleece/Vest/Puffer - Depending on the temperature, a middle layer will make sure that kids stay warm all day. Aussie conditions call for a fleece (or even a fleece vest). If you're getting them a size big to grow into, just tuck the rest of the fabric it into their pants! Jacket - Waterproof jacket, go bright so they are easy to spot.



Waterproof ski pants or bib and brace.



A warm face protector will keep the kids happy even in the nastiest conditions. Balaclavas are good for bad weather days and neck warmers are good for little kids who aren't used to having things on their heads.



All kids are required to wear a helmet on Australian mountains so find one that fits well! It's not safe to wear a beanie underneath a helmet, but a balaclava will work well to keep heads warm.


Goggles - Goggles are an essential item (as well as a helmet) as they keep eyes dry and clear when learning to ski or ripping down the mountain! Try it on with the helmet to make sure there is no gap.


Gloves/Liners - Mitts are often better for younger kids but of course, it comes down the personal preference, something they'll actually keep on. Mitts are easier to help get on for the real little ones.


Sunscreen - No matter the weather you need sunscreen.


Choccy/Museli Bar - Pocket treats are essential.


Pass - If you've headed up already this season don't forget your pass so you don't have to pay for another one.


Skis/Board/Poles/Boots - Hard to ski without these.


Lip Balm - Chapped little lips aren't fun, give the kids a chapstick to use when they stop for breaks.


Info card - Always a good idea to write your contact info on a card and put it in their pockets. Child's name, your name and your contact number. Just in case. Thredbo do school holidays right, check out the events they have to cater for you and your family these school holidays:




For info on the fun activities on at Thredbo click here.


Posted by Emily Dorahy on

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