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budget snowboards

How to buy the best value snowboards on a budget

There are heaps of great snowboards on the market, from international leaders such as Burton and CAPiTA, to smaller, specialist brands. No matter what you’re planning to do, where and how, there’s a board for that.

However, we know snowboarding isn’t a cheap sport. If you’re just starting out or looking for a bargain, then this is the article for you.

At Rhythm, we’re lucky to have an awesome team of experts who live for the snow. They’ve teamed thousands of riders up with their dream board and truly know what they’re looking for. We asked them to pick out their top budget snowboards; the boards that will have you grinning on the slope, without leaving too big a gap in your wallet.

Top tips:

1) Consider a “last-season” board
Once the new year stock comes in, the boards from the previous season are usually discounted by 20-30%. These are great boards and, since the technology often doesn’t change hugely year-on-year, they’re a real winner for budget-conscious riders. Our sale boards can be found here.

2) Ask for advice

Our team are passionate about the snow, and they genuinely know their stuff. They’ll talk through your experience and point you in the right direction. We want you to love getting out on your board as much as we do!

3) Try before you buy

At Rhythm Snowsports, we have a range of demo boards you can rent as a try-before-you-buy option. If you go on to buy a snowboard with us, we’ll deduct the first two days of your rental costs from the board price. This is a great way to get a feel for a board (or a very similar model) before committing to buy

Our picks

Beginner boards | Kids Snowboards | Splitboards | Under $800

Best beginner snowboards

If you’re just starting out but don’t want to rent, you’ll need a board that can do a bit of everything and make your life as easy as possible. It’s function over form at this stage but if it looks great, that’ll help too! Our all-mountain beginner picks are the:


Sale Off
2025 Ripcord Snowboard

Most progression friendly board at the cheapest price tag. The Ripcord is designed to accelerate beginners into more advanced riding situations with its directional shape making easy work of any terrain.


Sale Off
Burton 2022 Instigator Flat Snowboard

for beginners and cruisy riding - The combination of a Flat Top bend and Cruise Control convex base keeps things friendly underfoot, creating a catch-free feel and easy control


Sale Off
Burton 2022 Instigator Snowboard

Beginner-Intermediate riders looking to progress around the mountain - The combination of a PurePop Camber bend with Frostbite Edges gives you the right amount of playful pop and grip when you need it, while flat zones underfoot maintain a catch-free, user-friendly feel 

Best Budget Kids Board:

When your grom is ready to shred, you’ll want to find them a quality board that retains its value so you can sell it on once they’ve outgrown it. Finding a kids board that doesn’t break the bank is easier than you think. We love the:


Sale Off
Mini Grom Snowboard - Kids


Sale Off
Grom Snowboard - Kids

Best Budget Women’s Board

While most snowboards are unisex, the number of women’s specific snowboards on the market is growing. Women’s boards are usually lighter, narrower, and generally more flexible. You don’t need to use a women’s board, it’s personal preference, but, if you do, we reckon the Lectra Cam Out is worth a look.

Absolutely the best bang for your buck Women's specific board. The softer flex and Cam-Out Camber gives the perfect support and stability under foot, without being too aggressive, making it more fun to cruise the mountain and the early rise in the nose and tail gives you that catch free feel


Sale Off
2025 Lectra Cam-Out Snowboard - Womens

Best Budget Splitboard

Splitboards tend to be more of an advanced option for those heading out to the backcountry. The simple fact that the board is designed to split into skis for touring means they’re more expensive to manufacture and, therefore, more pricey to buy. However, there are great value splitboards around. Our top picks are:


Sale Off
2023 Nomad Splitboard & Skins

With pre-drilled skin holes for easy setup, Flat-Out Rocker, Power Pods, and T7075 Aluminium Hooks, it ensures style, ease, and durability. Transitioning between hike and ride mode is faster than ever with its included custom skins. It's easily the best budget option for adventurous riders seeking quality and value.



Sale Off
2023 Landmark Splitboard

 Featuring System Camber and 4 Point technology, it offers reactive grip and semi-aggressive downhill performance. With a Knucklehead nose shape, premium sintered base, and Karakoram Ultra clips, it excels in varied conditions, making it a slightly more advanced ride than the Nitro Nomad with its enhanced performance features.


Sale Off
2023 Mahalo Splitboard - Womens

freeriding at it’s finest. The Mahalo gives splitboarding women the lightning response and stability at speed that they demand while keeping a surfy feel while searching untracked peaks. Provides a perfect balance of response and playfulness with remarkable lightweight construction. Featuring Ultra-wide, low rising flotation tips for effortless powder lift without sacrificing speed.

Best Boards Under $800

For $800, you can get a lot of boards. Some of our personal favourites have been these “cheap” snowboards which have given us endless joy over the years. Remember, affordable doesn’t mean cheaply made. Most of the top brands, including Burton, YES and Nitro (amongst others), are renowned for creating great quality, hard-working boards at very reasonable prices.

Below are this season's best boards under $800 however we also recommend checking out our sale boards. These are last-season boards and offer extra bang for your buck.


Sale Off
2025 Cheap Thrills Snowboard

delivers versatile performance with stability and durability. A great Hybrid Camber, all mountain board for any rider that leans towards the slightly mellower side.


Sale Off
2025 Good Company Snowboard

ideal for park enthusiasts aiming to advance quickly. Its Traditional Camber twin design offers a classic feel, perfect for spinning, pressing, and sliding through obstacles. With a high-end, soft-flexing core, it provides both durability and the pop needed for progression.


Sale Off
2025 Basic Snowboard

A great Hybrid Camber, all mountain board for any rider at any level. A similar style to the Cheap Thrills with added tech; The UnderBite outline has been refined, enhancing the board's arc, grip, and carving experience. The Basic is available in a wide range of sizes, ensuring you'll find one that fits you perfectly.


Sale Off
2025 Optisym Snowboard - Womens

freestyle-friendly and equipped with the dream combination of an Asymmetrical Twin shape and Cam-Out Camber (Hybrid Camber). The Optisym´s 


Sale Off
2025 Mystique Snowboard - Womens

the Gullwing Rocker shape is designed to be playful and forgiving with rocker in the middle, yet stable with camber under the feet. This makes progression and all-mountain riding easy while providing insane response.


Sale Off
2025 Spirit Snowboard - Womens

Enjoyable and confidence-boosting on all terrain, with Triple Base Technology for reduced edge-catching, ShockWalls for vibration-dampened turns, and a directional-twin shape, this board will take you everywhere on the mountain.

Kids Budget Friendly Board under $500

The next budget friendly step in progression for your little one. The camber profile allows stability and control, while a 3D contoured base at the tip and tail ensure your kids won’t be catching those unnecessary edges.

Sale Off
2025 Jumper Snowboard - Kids

Previous Seasons Boards we have a big selection of previous seasons boards from brands like Public, Wired, and Endeavour. Boards ranging from park specific and all-mountain boards that would suit Beginner-Intermediate to Advanced riders. Some Wired boards come down to $449.99 making them the cheapest option for a new adult board.

How do I know what snowboard to get?

Firstly, think about what you want to do with your board. Are you planning to rip up the resort, or have some fun in the park? If you’re not sure, an all-mountain board is your best bet, and this is what we recommend for beginners and new riders.

Once you’ve settled on this, consider your price range and narrow your search. Read the board specs and, if you can, check out some board reviews either written by customers or expert reviews on YouTube.

If you’d like a personal recommendation, drop us a call or email and one of our team will help you out.

Can I buy a second-hand snowboard?

Second-hand boards are a great option for beginners. The upfront cost tends to be significantly less. There are lots of good quality second hand snowboards for sale, including the ex-hire and ex-demo boards which we sell in-store at Rhythm. These are only available in our Cooma store and subject to availability, so give us a call if you’re looking for something specific.

You can also try Facebook Marketplace, GumTree and eBay to get an idea of what’s out there. but it’s critical that you check the board thoroughly, top to bottom, nose to tail! Ask the previous owner about its history and, if you can, make sure you have an experienced rider take a look at the board for you.

More questions? Check out our handy Snowboard Buying Guide or get in touch with the team who will get you on track.

We have heaps more tips on your Snow Gear across our socials too.
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