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It doesn't matter if you spend a little or a lot on goggles, they are one of the essentials for skiing and snowboarding. They offer eye protection from the wind, cold, snow and UV light and can also be very fashionable. If you're heading up to the snow for the first time and need some help choosing your first set of goggles or you just need a new set, check out this range of goggles from cheapest to mid-range for those people on a budget or not looking to spend a lot.



Best Goggles under $50

Sontimer H-Bomb $49.95 Our most popular selling goggle is the Sontimer H-Bomb. It features a dual vented lens, an anti-fog treatment on the inside of the lens and a dual layer face foam to keep it comfortable on your face all day. Everything you need in a snow goggle but for the low price of $49.95. sontimer

Best Goggles Between $50 - $100

Oakley O2XL and O2XM $89.95 Coming in at 2 sizes (3 if you count the kids one), this goggle is hard to beat! It features a dual vented lens, silicon bead on the strap (to help adhere it to your helmet) and discreet frame notches that will fit most glasses underneath. So if you wear glasses and you are looking for a budget friendly goggle, this could be the one for you! Asian fit also available.



Dragon DX and DXS $70-$80 (depending on lens colour) These two models from Dragon are definitely for those with a smaller face size. Think big kids, teenagers and smaller faced ladies. This year, the DX and DXS features Dragons Luma Lens technology that will help optimise and improve visibility in a range of conditions.



Modest Team Goggle $99 Designed in Australia, this goggle is a great option and it's under $100 (just). It has an anti-fog coating, a good lens for most conditions and is lightweight. The best part about the Team goggle is that it comes in a variety of funky colour ways and patterns!



Best Goggles Between $100 - $150

Electric Charger and Charger XL $109-$119 The Charger was new for Electric last year and was an instant hit for us! It has a big frame and fits with most helmets meaning just about anyone can wear it comfortably. Silicon bead on the strap, a dual vented lens and an anti-fog treatment are also featured on this goggle. The different price point is due to the $109 model having a broze lens which is a great all-rounder and the $119 model has a broze lens with a silver coating, making it slightly better for sunny days than the cheaper option.



Electric EGV $159 - $169 (depending on lens colour) Another model from Electric but this one has a spare lens! In a classic retro shape, the EGV has a lens for both sunny/day and cloudy/night conditions. The lenses on this model also feature front venting, making them highly ventilated so a good match for people who wear helmets. There is also a kids version of this goggle for $60 and it only comes with the one lens.



Giro Semi/Dylan (Same model, different names) $139 Giro have nailed this category with their Semi/Dylan model. A silicone bead on the strap, a spare lens for cloudy conditions and a great medium face fit so just about anyone can wear it comfortably, especially with a helmet. This is a great one for teens and it's also the same shape as the Blok but slightly smaller.



Dragon DX2 $140 The DX2 was a new model last year and it was another very popular option for many. It has a medium face fit so many people found it great for them but it also comes with a spare lens. Not to mention, both lenses also feature Dragons Luma lens technology which helps to optimise and improve visibility in a wider range of conditions.



Best Goggles Between $150 - $200

Smith Squad and Squad XL $159 - $199 It comes in a wide variety of colours and is a great option for teens and people who need a good, lower priced goggle without compromising all this new lens technology. The Squad has a Chromapop lens for sunny and/or all conditions and a spare yellow lens for cloudy days. Chromapop lens technology is a lens coating that helps your eyes recognise colours faster and also optimise that colour to increase clarity. Asian fit also available.


Giro Blok $169 A bigger version of the Semi and Dylan from Giro is the Blok goggle. This model has been carried over for a few years due to its popularity and also the fact that its comfy! This year the Blok features the Ziess lens technology called Vivid that uses a pink base tint to offset that harsh blue light on the snow. Asian fit also available.



Anon Relapse $199 The Deringer makes it in with a $199 price tag, but for good reason. It has two lenses and a magnetic face mask included! This model is also an OTG and one of the better fitting ones. So if you wear glasses and don’t want to break the bank, this model from Anon might fo the trick. They also make a ladies version which is slightly smaller called the Deringer. Asian fit also available.




Oakley Line Miner $199 The Line Miner is one of the only models on this list to feature an injection-molded lens which makes it stronger and more optically correct. Not to mention the use of Prizm lens technology which controls light transition better to maximise contrast and enhance visibility. Its also an OTG which means people who wear glasses could wear this goggle (if it fits them and their glasses).



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