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Wearing ski boots can be painful/uncomfortable if worn incorrectly. Here at Rhythm, we think they aren't all that bad! Here are a few handy tipsfor putting your ski boots on for maximizing comfort on the slopes.


Invest in a good pair of ski socks. If you're wearing rental boots, a thicker pair of wool socks can make the world of difference if it's your first time skiing! The thick socks will pad out any nooks and crannies in the boo and make wearing ski boots a lot more comfortable. If you have your own ski boots, a compression style sock or thin sock will make your boots more comfortable. Not to mention, a way easier to slide your feet into.


Put your ski boots on the same way each time. Your routine should  include something like the following; slide your feet in while standing up, hit your heel on the ground to bring your ankle into the back of the boot and do your buckles up from top to bottom.


Speaking of buckles, do the top two as tight as you can without being uncomfortable, as your ankle will be generating most of your ski movement. The bottom two buckles need to be firm, but not too tight as they can cut off the circulation to your toes. Ski boots need to be firm, but comfortable.


At the end of your day on the hill, do the buckles on your ski boots up  where you would wear them when you're skiing. This will hold the shape of your boots and make them easier to put on the next day.


Ensure that you dry your boots out overnight. Its really hard to put a boot on if its wet. Bring your boots into your house and put them in a warm dry room. Its NOT ideal to put them into a boot room or a ski room as they are very warm and humid. This means the boots don't always fully dry and if the room is very warm, it an reverse the heat molding process. It's also NOT a good idea to leave them in the car or your garage, as they will stay cold and wet and if you do this, your feet will be cold the next day... trust me.


For tips on your Snow Sport equipment stay in touch with us:facebook: facebook/rhythmsnowsportsInstagram: @rhythmsnowsportstwitter: @rhythmsnowsport