What is it:      

Telemark is a ‘technique turn’ used within cross country skiing. The technique is named after the region of Norway where it was developed in 1868.


Many people in Australia use this term as ‘free heel’, where unlike Alpine Skiing the skis used have a binding that connects the boot to the skis at the toes only with a cable around the heel allowing the heel to be  free.






What is it:      

As it sounds it is skiing within the Ski Resorts using the Telemark turn. The skis are like a downhill Alpine Ski but with a cable ‘free heel’ binding. Skins are not needed as the lifts of the resort take you up the hill. When skiing in the resorts you must have a ‘leash’ attachment so that if you binding comes off your ski is still attached to your leg.



Scarpa T1 and T2, Black Diamond Push and Seeker, Garmont Kenai, Synergy and Energy.



Adjustable or Downhill