Ski Boots Buying Guide

Buying ski boots

Buying Boots @ Rhythm Before investing in skis, or nearly any other snowsports product, put boots as a top priority purchase. Not only are they perhaps the most influential factor in your comfort level on the snow, a properly fitted boot enhances your performance and allows you to take your skiing to the next level.

The best way to ensure a great fit is to come in-store and have a professional boot fitting. Our bootfitters can not only suggest the best boot for your foot, but also one that matches your skiing style and particular discipline. From here, we can perform a variety of alterations to the boot, footbed and liner in order to customise the fit to your foot perfectly. We can:

- Make custom molded orthotics/foot beds
- Adjust liners (including using heat-molding techniques)
- Perform boot stretching, volume reduction and other alterations
- Tailor bio-mechanical alignments

Furthermore, we can repair your current boots whether it be simple heel/toe replacement or other more complex procedures. 

We stock a wide variety of brands: