Buying Snowboards

Snowboard Buying Guide

Choosing the right Snowboard Length

Whether you are buying your first board or your tenth board researching the latest snowboard technology is a constant requirement as new ideas are developed improving the ride and changing the way we snowboard.

There are a few important questions you need to ask yourself when setting out to make a big purchase like a snowboard. Whilst these aren't the only factors, they're a good start to help you choose the right board for your next snow trip.

Size, Camber, Style, Binding compatibility, Base & Cost.

Does Size Matter?

Snowboard size is no exact science, it's about how comfortable you are on your board. When renting snowboards technicians will look for something to fit in-between your chin and your nose. A shorter board will be easier to manoeuvre however might not give you the speed or power looking for.

What are Camber Profiles?

Snowboard Camber

Camber is the bend or pre-flex a snowboard is built with.

Traditionally snowboards were manufactured with positive camber, this means the board core materials have an arc and the middle of the board is raised from the ground but the tip and tail are touching the ground.

This profile means that the board is loaded with extra pop and makes a precise turn. This is a sought after shape for those looking for speed and carving, however, might not be as forgiving when learning to ride as edges tend to catch a little more.


Snowboard FlatFlat Camber or Zero Camberbridges the gap between positive and reverse camber. The shape still provides the ease of manoeuvrability like a rocker board but you have the bonus edge control.

Used regularly by park riders as the flat surface on rails can be forgiving. Flat camber is not for everyone, people who have traditionally ridden camber boards may fee that the board has a damp feeling under foot  

Those who ride a Zero Camber board tend to swear by them so if you are in the market for something middle ground be sure to test a Zero camber snowboard at a demo day to understand the feel.


Snowboard RockerReverse / Rocker Camber profiles 

Rocker cambers tend to provide a looser, surfy feel. Reverse cambers are a great option for people looking to learn as they aim to raise contact points off the ground which makes catching an edge less likely.  

Reverse camber boards are already pre flexed ready to turn which is more enjoyable for some skiers and snowboarders. Reverse camber is also heavily featured in powder boards to help the board float and 

Snowboard Camber Rocker
Rocker cambers may also be a combination of reverse, positive camber and flat camber. Brands will do this to try and achieve an all round board which has plenty of pop, carving and a looser feel.