There is over 1 metre in the forecast for the NSW resorts over the next week. It is the perfect Spring! But riding powder is a totally different board game (no pun intended). Powder boards tend to have a few features to look out for:
- Tapered boards. Tapered boards tend to be wider in the nose helping you stay up and stable in powder, then taper down to the tail.
- Setback bindings. This helps the tail sink, giving you a nice surfy feeling.
- Powder boards may be directional, stiffer or have a specific powder camber style which to have rocker at the front and camber towards the back.
So here are some of the boards we have in our rental demo fleet for you to have a whirl in these ridiculous Australian conditions without getting a new set up:
1. Endeavor – Maverick
The Maverick by Endeavor is a good freeride board with set back camber and rocker at the nose which will help you plow through deeper snow. It has a mid flex to take control in bumpy conditions. This board will suit the groomers or the backcountry if you want to venture out.
2. Korua – Tranny Finder
Korua boards are new to us this year but they have taken off. The Tranny Finder features a big scoop nose and set back bindings to float. If you take this board out head off piste a little and just play.
3. Prior – Slasher
Prior boards are hand crafted in Whistler so you know these boards are quality. The Prior Slasher board is a stiff freeride board with a swallow tail, longer pow nose and short radius meaning the board will slay all terrain from top to bottom. The Slasher will also hold a hard edge on harder snow.
Mens boards
1. Burton – High Spirits
Set back camber with a wider nose. It’s tapered shape and Directional Flying V Bend delivers a surfy feel in deeper snow. This board will be so much fun for an intimidate and the advanced chick who is keen for adventure.
2. Yes – Hel Yes
The Yes - Hel Yes is a directional twin rocker camber rocker board. The freeride women’s board looks awesome and performs even better. We all know you can’t pick a board off the graphic but it certainly increases froth levels when the graphic is good!
Womens boards
If you do want to venture out backcountry you can get all the gear you need from us here at Rhythm. Tents, skins, snowshoes, sleeping bags and most importantly advice. The backcountry isn't to be taken lightly, be careful, have a plan and take it seriously then enjoy the snow!
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