Voile 3 Pin Cable Telemark Traverse Binding


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General Description: 3 Pin Cable Telemark Traverse Bindings

The Voilé 3-Pin Cable Traverse Telemark Binding includes our classic 3-Pin Cable binding featuring a robust yet lightweight 6000 series T6 aluminum toe-piece atop a newly designed 10mm shim and a 18mm heel pad. The 3° ramp angle in the binding shim helps reduce rocker launch to keep you off your tippy toes and the dual height, 55mm and 75mm climbing bars help prevent your calf muscles from cramping on the way up. 

Weight: 0.998kg/Pair (2lbs 2oz)

Flex/Performance: Moderate

Riser Height: 10mm

Color: Grey/Black

Uses: Light Touring

Benefits: Ability to ascend without cables and descend with cables. 3 pins as backup. Compatible with light boots.

Additional Information: Heel Pad height 18mm, Dual Height Elevators 55mm/75mm, Ramp Angle for Boot Rocker 3 degrees