Swix HF7 Violet High Fluoro Wax

Size: 40g

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One of the most versatile high performance race waxes on the market today, Swix HF7 provides lightning-fast glide with easy application. Designed for a temperature range of 18° F to 28° F (-2° C to -8° C), this high-fluoro race wax can be used on its own or mixed with other waxes.

  • Ultra high fluorocarbon composition provides top-level water repellency and anti-static properties
  • Designed for a temperature range of 18° F – 28° F (-2° C – -8° C)
  • Outstanding resistance to snow crystal abrasion and dirt build-up
  • Easily penetrates base and boasts elite bonding capacity for long-lasting reliability
  • Iron on with a recommended iron temperature setting of 140° C; scrape and brush to remove