Swix FC 8A Cera Rocket Spray

Size: 70ml

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100% fluorocarbon. Liquid Cera F spray for transformed and fine grained snow from +4°C to -4°C (40°F to 25°F). 
Apply on top of HF10, HF8, HF7 or HF10BW, HF8BW, HF7BW. 
Bottle of 70 ml/2.5 fl. oz.

• Upside down spray-on for better controlled application.
• Apply and wait 2 minutes.
• Cork in or Roto cork.
• Finnish with a fine blue polish brush.
• Also used on top of Cera F powder as “topping”. Spray FC8A into the powder and let it dry. Use Roto-fleece or iron in.