Star Apex LA8 Wax

Size: 60g

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Through meticulous research, STAR offers a complete line up of specialist tools and waxes to prepare your skis or snowboard allowing high precision tuning and top quality results. This line of products with an average - medium content of fluorcarbon and wide application range offers a very good value for your money. These waxes are principally indicated for new settled snow or transformed snow with low to medium relative air humidity. The LA line is so flexible it permits you to work even in dry snow conditions. Before racing, this product can also be layered with 100% fluorcarbon in the case of unexpected increase of humidity conditions or in the case it starts to snow. FluorCarbon- This synthetic wax is recommended in low humidity conditions with very cold temperatures on transformed, artificial, abrasive snow. LA8 should be scraped while still warm and brushed at room temperature. Snow temperature -8°/-20°C. 60g