Star Apex HA8 Wax

Size: 60g

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-8°/-20°C Star High FluorCarbon Cold Wax is a new formulation of hard paraffins from synthesis and polymers, HA8 is a ski wax ideal for very cold snow with sharp or rounded crystals but with high relative air humidity. Due to the low intrinsic viscosity value, it is necessary to apply at least twice with waxing iron set at 150°C to offer best efficiency and performance qualities. 60g The Star HA line of waxes contain a high concentration of fluorocarbons and due to their unique blend of fluorocarbons and synthetic base waxes they are extremely easy to work with and apply. All HA waxes provide excellent base penetration, durability and resistance when use alone but for racing results should be covered with one of the Apex 100% fluoro waxes.