Sandbox Legend Helmet


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The Sandbox Legend Helmet looks like the skate helmet you grew up wearing for everything from biking to ill-fated attempts at street luge, but with removable ear pads, vent plugs and 18 fit combinations, it'll keep you warm, comfortable and safe wherever you choose to ride. The Sandbox Legend Helmet is designed with the features you need to remain comfortable and safe, without weighing you down with unnecessary frills. Hard Core construction tops off this bombproof lid, making it durable enough to withstand tons of abuse

Helmet Style: Half Shell

Construction: Hard Core Construction – An ABS shell and EPS foam liner provide high impact protection while remaining low profile.

Helmet Venting: Venting with included vent plugs for cold days

Removable Ear Pads: Yes. 

Adjustable Fit: The Custom18 feature embraces your specialness by providing 18 possible fit pad combos: thin, medium and thick in the front, top and back. Arrange them however you need and get comfortable.

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