Nikwax Sandal Wash 125 mls


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2012 Nikwax Sandal Wash 125 mls

Nikwax Sandal Wash is a sponge-on cleaner for sandals, designed to safely clean, deodorise and sanitise all sandal types - leather, fabric and synthetic - leaving you with a fresh-smelling fragrance.

Nikwax in a Nutshell
Nikwax is exactly what it says on the tin – Nick’s Wax, invented by walker Nick Brown to preserve his own walking boots during years of wandering around the Scottish countryside as a young boy.
He concocted a wax to protect and waterproof his leather boots, and in 1977, frustrated that there was nothing in the shops that could do the same job, he made the first commercial batch of his secret formula for the open market.
Nikwax maximises performance in a range of cleaning, waterproofing and conditioning products for clothing, footwear and equipment.
Easy to use – either by hand, washing machine or spray-on – Nikwax comes in a variety of environmentally-friendly, highly-effective treatments which will prolong the life of shoes, boots, jackets and tents. If it was originally waterproof, Nikwax will give it a new lease of life at a fraction of the cost of replacement.
Helping you stay dry, warm and comfortable in the worst of weather conditions, Nikwax’s safe, non-toxic and water-based technology saves you money by alleviating the need to buy new, thereby reducing the landfill space necessary to cope with the cast-offs, and the consumption of materials and energy needed to replace them.