Remind Cush Insoles


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Remind Travis Rice – Cush Insoles

Travis Rice tested and approved. Bio-mechanical and anatomical engineered shape to correct the foot and body into proper alignment, the end result is: alleviated stress on the joints, better posture and circulation, enhanced strength and performance, and heightened balance and stability. The Cush is built with the highest quality of materials for heavy impact absorption and abuse. It’s self-forming capability makes it ready to go out of the box and and will mold to your specific foot and arch shape hassle free with no need for any type of molding process.


Tech Details:

  • Self-forming Technology that molds to each individuals specific foot detail
  • s providing more intricate support and even weight distribution
  • An extremely durable maximum shock-impact performance buffer that diffuses heaviest impacts while providing overall comfort
  • Light weight, high performance, responsive, and durable material that provides high energy return and doesn't break-down
  • Bio-mechanically engineered shape to promote proper anatomical foot and body alignment
  • Light weight materials to ensure high performance action
  • 100% organic odor control treatment promoting healthy smelling feet
  • 100% Organic moisture wicker treatment promoting dry cool feet
  • Encapsulated structural Material that ensures the Remind Orthotic shape and durability
  • 4 TECH: Four Layer construction Together achieve Shock Absorption Performance Durability and Safeguard Structural Support

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