MSR Deploy TR3 Ski Poles


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General Description: The ultimate tools for winter travel across constantly changing terrain, the three-section Deploy™ TR-3 poles feature Trigger Release, our exclusive one-handed length-adjustment system. This revolutionary mechanism offers unique on-the-fly adjustability, perfect when sidehilling, switchbacking and on approaches. Built around our zero-slip SureLock™ System, Deploy TR-3 poles collapse to a pack-friendly size, ideal for those who stow their poles while in technical terrain or riding down.

The TR3 is a 3 section pole - for a 2 section pole, check out the TR2.

Shaft: 7000-series aerospace-grade aluminium

Grip: Ergonomic Grip - comfortable grip features a catch for raising AT and snowshoe heel lifts.

Strap: Breakaway Winter Strap - designed for glove-friendly adjustments and will force-release if pole gets lodged during a fall.

Basket: MSR Snow Basket

Adjustment: Pin-hole fastener, non-slip. 3 section.