Marker Kingpin 10 Binding

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The Marker Kingpin 13 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings finally address the problem of limited elasticity that has plagued tech bindings for years by substituting a pivoting cam-action, spring actuated heel for the traditional dual pin setup, and the results are spectacular

Toe: Kingpin Pintech Toe 

Sixpack Power Springs - Six springs made of high-performance steel deliver a boost in energy capture compared with traditional PinTech toe pieces

Heel: XXL Power Transmitter - The revolutionary heel construction has widely placed contact points to hold the boot heel on its outermost edge. This eliminates wobble when initiating turns and transmits power more smoothly to the ski. This is a huge benefit over other pintech binding designs that transmit power via two small metal pins positioned close to one another at the boot's heel, creating an unstable connection for power transfer

Tour Mode: The heelpiece of the Kingpin binding slides into touring mode by moving the lever at midfoot. Brakes stay deployed until you take the first step and depress the anti-friction pad, lessening the chance of losing a ski

Climbing Aids - Two climbing aids (7˚ and 13˚) are positioned in the upper center of the heelpiece and can be raised or lowered easily using ski poles

Additional Features: Wide Footprint for Improved Power Transmission - A wide 38 mm mounting pattern provides better leverage and superior power transmission