Marker Jester 16 Binding


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General Description: If dawn patrol, first tracks, face shots, and pillow lines are part of your regular vocabulary, then it's time you have a binding on your level. Meet the Marker Jester Ski Bindings. The Jesters are Marker's top-of-the-line, maximum performance binding, built for high performance freeskiers


Din: 6 - 16


Brake Width: 132mm Brake is $519.00

Toe: Triple Pivot Elite Toe - With a horizontally oriented spring, it provides the highest energy absorption to reduce the risk of early release. The secure purchase on the boot lug optimizes power transmission and allows for durable, high energy use

Heel: Inter Pivot Heel - Industry-leading construction delivers superior holding power for all types of freeskiing. Its design focuses power in the direction of the boot sole, increasing elasticity. The overall design creates optimum power transmission

Additional Features: Magnesium Parts - Magnesium‘s lightweight and high strength make it perfect for Marker’s high-end products