Nikwax Leather Cleaner 300ml


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2012 Nikwax Leather Cleaner 300ml

The Nikwax Leather Cleaner is a a spray-on cleaner for leather clothing and accessories. It safely revitalizes the look and feel of leather, removing dirt, grease, mould and insects.

Cleans dirty, tired leather clothing and equipment lifting out dirt that can attract water and mask water repellent finishes
Revitalizes the look and feel of leather without oversoftening
Does not strip off the manufacturer's water repellency
Increases or maintains breathability
Does not leave behind water attractive residues which encourage "wetting-out"
Prolongs the life of gear and optimizes outdoor performance
Easy to apply
WaterBased; environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non flammable, non hazardous
Does not contain fluorocarbons
Guaranteed performance for 4 years from manufacture