Workshop Rates and Services

Our highly trained technicians working on the latest Wintersteiger machinery offer top-notch Stonegrind tuning, ceramic disc edge finishing and repair work for both skis and snowboards. Bring in your skis and snowboards for some love before you hit the mountain.

We offer a full range of tuning, mounting and repair services including  performance waxing. Performance waxing includes 2 coats of HF, LF or Hydracarbon wax from our STAR Wax or SWIX Wax range. Wax aplied scraped and brushed. Repeats and then rotor polished.


Work Shop Rates Skis Snowboards
Full tune  (base fill, grind, edge, bevel, structure, hot wax ) $80 $80
Stone Grind $20 $20
Hot wax (iron wax) $20 $20
Roll wax (quick wax) $10 $10
High Fluro Wax $50 $50
Low Fluro Wax $35 $35
Hydrocarbon Wax $30 $30
Edges (belt) $10 $10
Edges (Ceramic) $15 $15
Base P-Tex $10 $15
Binding Mount or Remount (free if purchased in store) $50 N/C
Binding Adjustment N/C N/C
Custom Ski Boot Wokshop Prices    
Heel Lift $10 pair  
Ankle Wraps $20 pair  
Heel Wraps $15 pair  
Tapered Shin Pad $20 pair  
Boot Stretch $20 pair  
Volume Reduce $20 pair  
Heel or toe Replacement  $20 pair  
Innersole - With boot Purchase $140 pair  
                  Without Boot Purchase $180pair  




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