Grangers XT Proofer 275ml

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XT is ideal for any clothing with wicking linings such as soft shells, insulated garments and sleeping bags. When used with Granger's Performace Cleaner it is ideal for cleaning and proofing garments without the need for a washing machine or tumble dryer. “Granger’s XT proofer has given the best results, for water and oil repellency" Satra Independent Testing Air dry performance- restores proofing without tumble drying Ideal for soft shell garments Recommended for Gore-Tex®,eVent® and all waterproof clothing How to Proof 1 Ensure that the garment is clean, if the garment needs cleaning use Granger's Performance Cleaner. Before applying XT, ensure that all zips and velcro straps are closed. 2 XT is a water baseed product Therefore please ensure that it is applied to a damp garment. Shake the bottle and spray evenly onto the garment from a distance of 10 to 15cm. 3 Dab any excess moisture with a clean cloth. 4 XT proofer will give excellent results without tumble drying or ironing. If care label allows tumble dry on a medium setting to improve durability. Print Application Guide