Freestyle Daimond Stomp Pad

Colour: Clear

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Clear lower profile diamond shaped grip with conical pyramids all over it. Discrete and 14cm through the long axis and 10cm through the shorter axis. The Freestyle range of deck grips are designed to provide traction when you've got your back foot out of your binding in an array of situations on the mountain to help keep you safe: - when getting on a chair lift or getting of it and coming down the exit ramp. - when your on a t-bar and trying to stay straight or not get pushed off or fall off the side of the t-bar track as it fades one way or the other. -when trying to negotiate the ruts on a t-bar track - when you've pushed along and need to put your foot on your board to ride to the lift or to the point where you need to strap in after getting off the lift. - when you're looking for a challenge in the park and want to try some one-footed bonelesses or fastplants. So whatever level you're at you need a deck grip/stomp pad so get one on your board and enjoy the security.