Dynafit Beast 16 Touring Binding



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Dynafit Beast 16 Alpine Touring Bindings 2015

Pivoting / Tracking Toe Piece - Allows the boot to move laterally ~6˚ to either side without forcing open the toe jaws
Toe Lever - Lever is pushed forward and flat to the ski to lock the toe for skinning - this also locks the rotational capability.
Heel Pins - New ovalized heel pins are spring loaded and have up-and-out elastic travel for better retention than any tech binding to date.
Release - Lateral and Vertical release both originate at the heel, and release values are set with separate screws.
Tour Mode
Mid and High Climbing Levels
Toe Locking Feature - The Beast 16 toe locks by pushing the wide black lever forward and flush with the ski deck (the opposite of traditional Dynafit levers); this locks out the lateral rotation as well as preventing the toe jaws from opening.
Additional Features
Stand Height and Ramp Angle - Toe: 17 mm, Heel: 23 mm, Ramp: 6 mm positive
Wide 43 mm Base Plate
Ski Compatibility
We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.
Requires use of Dynafit "horseshoe" heel fitting that replaces the traditional tech heel plate on your boot


  • Type: Tech
  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert