Nikwax Downproof 300ml


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2012 Nikwax Downproof 300ml

DownProof wash-in treatment reduces the water-absorbency of down and adds water-repellency to the fabric's outer shell. It makes down less susceptible to humidity, helps it dry faster and increases the effectiveness of the insulation in damp conditions by helping the down maintain maximum loft. DownProof may reduce breathability of coated or laminated breathable waterproof fabrics.

Nikwax Down Proof adds durable water repellency (DWR) to your down filled garments. Down is an amazing natural fiber for its compressibility, resilience, and warmth. The major drawback of down is it's inability to retain loft and insulate when wet.

To add water-repellency to the whole garment—shell, down, and inner lining—use Nikwax Down Proof.

**NOTE: If your down garment incorporates a waterproof breathable shell fabric, you should use Nikwax TX-Direct Spray-On 10 fl oz. (300 ml)

Bottom Line: Getting wet in your down coat? Get a Nikwax Down Proof.