Diamir Scout 11 Binding - Medium



Size: 90

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The Scout 11 is almost as light as the heaviest pin binding. In addition to excellent all-mountain performance, it offers the easy handling of an alpine binding.

The core of the Scout 11 is the exceptional torsion-resistant and light compact module. It integrates the innovative Diamir technologies and guarantees their reliable function in all conditions.

Compared to jaw bindings with:

  • superior walking comfort
  • high lateral stability when climbing
  • easy use
  • light weight
  • activating crampons

Compared to pin bindings with:

  • easy step-in and effortless use
  • safety release similar to alpine bindings
  • DIN/ISO settings even for light-weight skiers (up to DIN value 3)
  • versatile use with touring and alpine boots