Diamir Freeride Pro Binding - Medium



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Rotating toe piece

Exactly as with alpine bindings, the rotating toe piece provides a lateral release. The special, extraordinarily long dynamic range on both sides only releases ski boots after 20 millimeters. This reduces the number of unintentional releases to a minimum and triggers the release when there is continual lateral force. This mechanism is supported by a high restoring force. This feature is extremely important for safety, especially in uneven terrain. .

Modern swivel antifriction plate

Safety above all: The swivel plate with smooth surface enables consistent and friction-free sliding of the boot. This is particularly important for touring andfreeride boots with rubber soles.

Sliding binding bar

In the SAFETY ALUBAR SYSTEM of the Diamir bindings the boot is securely fixed onto the stable linkage of the binding bar between the toe piece and heel mechanism. The bar slides back and forth in a guide as the ski bends. This active compensation to the front and back allows the best natural flex and thus always ensures full edge grip along the entire ski.

Broad support

The broad support of the binding via the hinge support in the toe part and the heel support in the back causes a direct transmission of power.

Easy step-in / step-out

Stepping in and out of the binding is just as easy as it is with Alpine ski bindings.

Boot compatibility

The Diamir SAFETY ALUBAR SYSTEM is compatible with all touring ski boots with rubber soles and Alpine ski boots according to DIN ISO.