Burton Total Impact Short


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Mens specific total impact shorts. These shorts by G-Form are the cats pajaymas, or the bees knees or whetever you want to call them, they are good. Lads, here is how the technology works, upon impact the protection plates momentarily stiffen absorbing up to 90% of the impact, that’s crazy and so helpful on that tailbone, which is not a nice injury to have. These shorts have ergonomic hip, tailbone and sit-bone padding for that extra comfort and ease that you need. They are super low profile and lightweight so that they don’t feel or look bulky and as Ned Flanders would say “Feels like you’re wearing nothing at all”. They are designed to flex and move with your body as you do. The shorts themselves, not the impact padding, are made with Burton’s DRYRIDE ultrawick fabric. This fabric is the same fabric used in most of Burtons lightweight and midweight polyester thermal pants so they are designed to be breathable and quick drying, keeping you super dry, warm and comfortable just like any other thermal by Burton. They have a gorgeous next to skin feel, a soft-waist logo elastic band with Burton, Burton, Burton, Burton, Burton, Burton, Burton and Burton written all over it just so you know it’s Burton. The whole kit and caboodle is machine washable but, you will just get your mum to wash them wont you. These impact shorts are in highland camo. Camo like the khaki, green and brown print that hunters wear when they don’t want to be seen. You could wear these protection shorts in this colour so your mates don’t know your wearing them. Nah don’t worry, theres nothing wrong with wearing these shorts. Didn’t your mother ever teach you that its better to be safe than sorry. Material: DRYRIDE Ultrawick fabric Additional Features: G-Form proprietary impact protection technology, ergonomic and womens specific fit short, made with DRYRIDE fabric with all the qualities of Burton’s thermal layers, super low profile and lightweight Manufacturer Warranty: W48 is Burton’s Product Service Program. Contact Rider Service: (800) 881-3138 See www.burton.com for more information.

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