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Midweight or lightweight? Wool or polyester? Pure or blend? You are most certainly asking the right questions ladies. The points are so relevant and all have their pros and cons. These thermal pants are midweight, wool and a blend, so let’s talk about the merits of these properties. Midweight is around 200grams. This is a little bit heavier than a standard ‘lightweight’ classification. Something lightweight would mean about 100grams which Burton has in some of their other ranges. These pants would be good for mid-winter conditions and not the best in ‘ice cold conditions. Something better for ‘ice cold’ conditions would be the Burton Expedition wool pant. These pants have wool which is a great natural wicking agent meaning it draws moisture away from the skin keeping you dry and warm.

These pants are also a blend and are not 100% pure wool. The advantage of this blend is that it is not itchy and it is soft to the touch and soft on the skin, these in particular have a great next-to-skin feel. The blend means they are ultra-fast drying and highly breathable. Qualities of these pants are chafe-free softlock seams for added comfort and a rollover waistband.

When comparing technology/materials/warmth/breathability and comfort all these factor come into play on a day up the hill. Some days you might need it more than others but weather its hot or cold these pants are great for breathability, keeping you cool and dry and keeping you warm. What a winner!

Available in Black Heather. In fabric and prints, heather refers to the interwoven yarns of different or alternating colours producing a mottle or a fleck. It is typically used to mix multiple shades of the same colour to produce a muted colour. So here Burton have mixed a couple of different shades of black to create a softer and dustier black. Give it a go.

Material: 84% Polyester, 11% Merino Wool, 5% Spandex

Additional Features: Drirelease Midweight wool – Dries 4 times faster than cotton. Drirelease is a technical bland of polyester, merino wool and spandex that ‘wicks’ or pulls any moisture away from your skin without any chemical assistance. A soft, itch-free, anti-pilling and environmentally friendly combination. With freshguard featured is neutralises odour adding to its high tech performance.

Manufacturer Warranty: W48 is Burton’s Product Service Program.

Contact Rider Service: (800) 881-3138

See www.burton.com for more information.

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