Burton Gondy Gore Leather Glove


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This glove is like George Clooney’s wife, got it all!  Screen Grab Gnar Leather thumb and index finder which will help you hold on to your touchscreen when your on the go on the mountain, Leather shell to keep you warm and dry as well as GORE-TEX and Gore warmth technology that will help keep your precious phalange’s performing the whole day through. No hot cup of coco needed at lunch time with these ones because you won’t believe the warmth radiating from the Thermacore insulation. This glove is best worn in ice-cold conditions


Colour: Nomad, this is a lighter yellowy brown than the Beaver tail colourway. Think mustard.

Shell: Leather

Insulation: Thermacore

Palm Lining: Leather


Additional Features: Happy thumb to wipe your nose or googles