Burton Baker 2in1 Under Glove


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This glove brings  the trilogy of Dryride technological advances to your fingers: Ultrashell, Thermex and Insane Membrane. This means you have a four way stretch liner, waterproof membrane and the 2 layer fabric that has unrivalled breathability. It addition to these perks you will also get  heater /vent pocket, fixed fleece lining and thermocore insulation.


This glove is the like a transformer, two for the price of one, not only do you have a fleece liner that could be worn on its own , you will also have an insulated glove. It you feel like you need the potential for added heat then purchase a  disposable hand warmer for the vent pocket


 Colour: Beaver Tail Melange. The word melange comes from the French meaning of a "mixture" or "medley". So this fabric colour is a mixture of the beaver tail or brown colour and white Shell:

Shell: Dryride Ultrashell 2 layer Fabric

Insulation: Thermacore

Palm Lining: PU synthetic Leather


Additional Features: The Baker comes in two cuff versions. This one is designed to go under your jacket

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