Anon WM1 Goggles - Womens

Colour: Pearl White

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Anon WM1 Goggle for women only. This goggle is a women’s specific fit goggle that stands for Women’s Magnetic 1. It is the crème de la crème of the goggle world for women - doesn’t that sound delicious? These are high class in comfort, manoeuvrability, clarity and design. The only women’s specific fit goggle in the anon magna-tech range designed just for you. Women generally have smaller faces and need a smaller fit. A lot of women can fit into most other style goggles by anon but this one is especially design to be a more ergonomic fit for women.

These goggles are full to the brim of your bag with elite functions and the finest quality you can buy, and at such an economical price.

Magna-tech is one of the biggest things to come from goggles in the last few years. Changing lenses fast is definitely one of the biggest necessities in goggles to date. These goggles use integrated M3 Quick change lens technology combining 14 rare-earth magnets at 7 secure points of connection each with a pull force to allow the lens to be pulled into place for a super-fast lens change and no frolicking about.

These goggles are complete with outlast fog management face fleece which has been added to anon’s magna-tech range in 2016 adding a new level of anti-fog to these high class accessories. It is able to absorb, store and release any heat proactively controlling the production of moisture before it starts allowing you to maintain a cooler climate inside your goggle. With a lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane frame they feel light and won’t weigh your face down.

Complete with Wall-to-Wall vision, Anon high performance lens technology allowing the best possible field of vision. Wall-to-wall incorporates optimal optics in a low-profile frame that utilises 40% thinner face foam for an ultra-close fit resulting in an unobstructed visual experience. They just keep sounding better and better.

Fit out with a nylon compression molded goggle case and a micro-fibre goggle bag there is nothing that anon has missed here.

Anon M1 goggles use ICT anti-fog treatment that delivers crystal clear vision in any conditions. Starting with a porous cellulose inner lens surface inner lens surface for superior water shedding better than any standard acetate lens, they apply their own chemically etched ICT anti-fog treatment for long lasting clarity.

Fresh and white as the snow. These goggles are so flawless and classic. White is just so timeless isn’t it? This colour will just never go out of style which is great when colours and movements change so easily and quickly. A small colour pop at the side with a hot pink anon logo and hot pink on the inside of the strap. This pink ties in with the Pink SQ lens clipped in to this frame.

The pink SQ lens is a partly cloudy lens suitable for overcast days. They allow 30-40% of the suns light through the lens to your eye providing optimal vision on a partly cloudy day. The spare bonus lens is called blue lagoon, and is a greybird tint allowing 55-85% of the suns light through the lens to you eye providing optimal vision on a cloudy or grey day.

Colour: Pearl White

Frame Height: 91mm


Lens Colour: Pink SQ

Bonus Lens Included: Yes

Bonus Lens Colour: Blue Lagoon

Quick Change Lens: M1 magna-tech Quick lens change technology

Strap: No-slip silicone for your helmet


Helmet Compatible: Yes


Ventilation: Full perimeter channel venting

Face Fit: Small

OTG Compatible: No, these goggles are not suitable to wear over prescription eyewear worn underneath the goggle.


Additional Features: Magna-tech Quick-lens change technology, Outlast Fog management face fleece, no slip silicone strap, Integral clarity technology, Perimeter channel venting, Light weight thermoplastic polyurethane frame, nylon compression molded goggle case, triple layer face foam and bonus spare lens.