Anon M3 MFI Goggle

Colour: Guerrilla
Size: 1SZ

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The Anon M3 MFI goggle is the goggle of your dreams. This goggle was created by the ‘hard-core’ skier and snowboarder. This does not mean the best of the best riders but it means the hard-core frothers. These types of people are up that hill no matter what, rain, hail or shine. If that snow is fresh and fluffy or packed and icy they will be up at the top of that run looking down that slope ready for the day ahead. Whether you are a frother or not we have all been there on that blue bird day when Old Mother Nature has turned around and gone ‘Nuh’ and thrown the worst she could throw at you.

That is why this anon M3 goggle is the goggle of your dreams. This goggle has an attached MFI facemask for those non-bluebird blizzard days were talking about. This stands for Magnetic Facemask Integration and it is the perfect solution for protecting your face against the wind, snow and blizzard conditions.

Here is how the tech works – there are 4 magnetic connection points on the frame of your goggle and the top of your facemask. When the weather rolls in, you simply draw the facemask towards the base of your goggles and the 4 connection points will snap together, bringing your facemask in complete contact with your goggle with no gaps or space that the wind or elements can hit your face providing long lasting coverage on the hill.

The O2 vents are reinforced and perforated keeping the vents fully covered and fog free so that you don’t sacrifice clarity for comfort on the hill. The magnetic carrier lines align seamlessly with the goggle frame keeping the vents clear and the lens fog free.

This goggle also has integrated M3 Quick change lens technology incorporating 14 rare-earth magnets for seven secure points of connection each with a pull force to allow the lens to be pulled into place for a super-fast lens change and no stuffing about.

Anon M3 goggles use wall-to-wall tech, meaning just that you can see wall to wall with the highest performance lens technology allowing the best possible field of vision. Wall-to-wall incorporates optimal optics in a low-profile frame that utilises 40% thinner face foam for an ultra-close fit resulting in an obstructing visual experience.  

Guerrilla frame colour, just how you think it would be, is super dark camo, black, khaki, cream and brown. The frame has this print and then the strap is black with the anon logo on the strap is riddled with camo print. This is a great affect and makes the goggle look sleek and pulled back and not too lairy. The lens featured here is dark smoke in a bluebird category tint lens allowing 6-29% of the suns light to penetrate the lens to your eye providing optimal vision on those blue bird and sunny days. The spare lens is blue lagoon which is a gray bird category lens tint allowing 55-85% of the suns light through the lens to your eye providing optimal vision cloudy or grey days. Perfect combo, you don’t need anything else.


Colour: Broken Arrow

Frame Height: 93mm


Lens Colour: Blue Cobalt

Bonus Lens Included: Yes

Bonus Lens Colour: Blue Lagoon

Quick Change Lens: M3 magna-tech Quick lens change technology

Strap: No-slip silicone for your helmet


Helmet Compatible: Yes


Ventilation: Full perimeter channel venting

Face Fit: Medium to Large Fit

OTG Compatible: Yes, these goggles are suitable to wear over prescription eyewear worn underneath the goggle.


Additional Features: Magna-tech Quick-lens change technology, Outlast Fog management face fleece, no slip silicone strap, wall-to-wall vision, OTG Compatible, triple layer face foam, Integral clarity technology, Perimeter channel venting, Light weight thermoplastic polyurethane frame.