Airhole Chewey Balaclava

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A legendary Wookiee warrior and Han Solo’s co-pilot aboard the Millennium Falcon, Chewbacca was part of a core group of Rebels who restored freedom to the galaxy. Known for his short temper and accuracy with a bowcaster, Chewie also has a big heart -- and is unwavering in his loyalty to his friends.


The Balaclava is the go to favourite of all our pros. It's simple to wear - just pull over your head and you're good to go. Wear up to shield the elements or down while you eat lunch. The welded Airhole breath hole provides a clear passage for breath, preventing moisture build up which causes a wet cold face. The Drytech fabric is great to wear under a helmet, to help with moisture management (from sweat) while keeping you warm and your helmet snug against your skull.ξ


+ High performance microfibre
+ 100% polyester fabric
+ Moisture wicking moves sweat away from the face through to the fabric surface where it evaporates
+ Welded Airhole breath hole
+ Anti smell fabric to stay fresh
+ Hypoallergenic
+ Ergonomic shape