22 Designs Bombshell Binding



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All the performance of a HammerHead. Designed specially for women. Same features and rugged construction as the HammerHead. Smaller design to fit women's boots better. Softer spring for snappier turns & lighter skiers. Weight: 3 lbs per pair including HammerHeel and climbing bails. 2 Year Warranty. Made in the USA. What's differerent? Compared to the HammerHead, the BombShell has a shorter cable and adjustment coils, a narrower and shorter heel tube, narrower cable spreader, 10% softer spring, and of course the pink. We think it's the most truly women's specific tele binding on the market. And it's the only women's binding you can adjust to the way YOU ski. Features Five dramatically different cable guide positions. Optimize your bindings for your skiing style and snow conditions and make long tours a breeze. Cables routed underfoot for maximum control; plastic boots flex at the bellows instead of tip-toeing. 2000 lb test cable attachments won't break. One-piece toeplate construction - no welds, rivets, or double mount. Over 2" of spring travel for smooth action and durability. The spring-loaded HammerHeel is the easiest to use climber available; Flip it up or down with your ski pole. Climbing bails available in 3 sizes. Easy, one-size-fits-all size adjustment. Ultra-secure mounting pattern.