2017 Lobster Parkboard Snowboard

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2017 Lobster Parkboard Snowboard

Are you the kind of person who loves to shred park laps all day with your mates? the 2017 Lobster Parkboard is the go to snowboard to boost big jumps and slay every line.

This is our go-to park board that has a little stiffer flex and more stability to hold up to jumps. It's still awesome to jib though. People were stoked on the 'T-Rex Fat Human Pig Riding a Magic Carpet' and the 'Mayhem in the Classroom' boards we did so we decided to blend those graphics together. It turned into a dinosaur party. Maybe they partied too hard and died out that way. Who knows?

Flex: Soft-Medium

Core: Wood Core

Base: The Jib 3BT shapes are tuned with true twin shapes, soft flexes and the widest centerbase in the range for locked in presses, stable slides and powerful ollies. These boards feature the longest section of edge uplift amongst the line that starts around the bindings and extends outward, offering a loose, buttery, forgiving feel and less hang-ups.

Top sheet: CBi-Axe Laminate

Binding Compatibility: Standard 4 Hole Base plates