2017 Lobster Eiki Helgason Promodel Snowboard

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2017 Eiki Helgason Pro Model Snowboard

Eiki Helgasons board is like the fancy version of the Jib Board. It has some carbon fiber in there for even more pop and stability when going fast. It also has a faster, harder base. I thought it made sense to have a legit wizard on my board because hopefully he will help me invent some new tricks this season. Wizards rule everything, but I'm pretty sure there are no wizards in Iceland because they are all Vikings!

Flex: Soft

Core: Wood Core - Two Carbon stringers connecting the toe- and the heel edge under the binding improve strength underfoot while still allowing a smooth tip to tail flex for presses. It allows us to keep soft board flex while still keeping control when things get serious.

Base: The Jib 3BT shapes are tuned with true twin shapes, soft flexes and the widest centerbase in the range for locked in presses, stable slides and powerful ollies. These boards feature the longest section of edge uplift amongst the line that starts around the bindings and extends outward, offering a loose, buttery, forgiving feel and less hang-ups.

Top sheet: CBi-Axe Laminate

Binding Compatibility: Standard 4 Hole Base plates