2016 K2 Luv 75 Ski w Binding - Womens



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General Description: K2 Luv 75 Ski - Womens

As the most forgiving, easy-to-maneuver women’s ski in the collection, the K2 Luv 75 features softly rounded tips and tails with a Catch Free Rocker profile to encourage every turn from the point of initiation all the way through the release. The lightweight construction and thinner profile keeps skier legs fresh and ready to take on more runs throughout the day.


Rocker: Catch-Free Rocker

Radius: 14m @163

Dimensions: Tip-115 Underfoot-75 Tail-106

Construction: Torsion Box, Cap Construction

Binding: Integrated Marker Bindings.Din 3-10

Dimensions: Tip-115 Underfoot-75 Tail-106