2015 Stepchild Park Rat Snowboard

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Hey kids, fed up of getting heavy, stiff and dead snowboards for christmas? Well, you should ask your parents (really nicely) to buy you a Park Rat. Why? Because its the best kids board out there. Why? Its light, easy to maneuver, looks cool and all your friends would be jealous! This board is packed with all the goodness you see in our adult boards. Its true twin shape, Armorcore construction, PTEX 800 base and fiberglass construction will let your young’un progress on the hill, however the board has been tuned and thinned down for the smaller rider. It is easy to control and great for progressing from linking a few turns to getting your little one shredding the park. Don’t buy your kid a dead stiff plank that would get them bummed out and not want to ride leading them into a life filled with no happiness, no joy and copious amounts of booze. Get them the Park Rat.