2015 Stepchild Dirtbag Snowboard

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Did you spend all summer working away bagging food at the local groceries only to go and blow it on cheap thrills and parking tickets? Dont worry, we have the board for you. The Dirtbag utilizes our Armorcore construction (High Density Wood Compound) to deliver the most in flexibility and longevity without sacrificing durability or increasing the weight. Our new high transparent extruded base is resilient against impact and is easy to fix when a rail decides to take a chunk out of it. Our TGIF (Thank God Its Flat) camber profile delivers the precision and power of regular camber but also the playfulness of reverse. FOS (Heroin Skateboards, Altamont) delivered the art this year for the board. The Dirtbag is priced so it won’t take from your beer and noodle money allowing you to live like a king out of your van at the bottom of the lift