2014 Fischer RCS Carbon Lite Skate NIS Stiff Ski

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The Fischer RCS Carbonlite Skating skis are the lightest nordic racing skis in the world and the most advanced skate skis in Fischer Skis racing line up. The hole in the ski tip greatly reduces energy loss and power exertion, thus enabling higher stride frequencies and speeds. If you demand the lightest, most highly technological skate skis that will deliver the results you've been training so hard for, the Fischer RCS CarbonLite Hole skate skis are your answer! World Cup and Olympic champions rave about the carbon used in ski core, tip and tail. Fastest base structure options available using Race World Cup processes (1) COLD - for new fallen snow, cold conditions and low humidity; (2) PLUS - for older, warmer snow and more humid conditions; (3) SOFT TRACK (ST) - for very warm, soft & wet conditions so the ski glides over the wet soft snow. Fischer RCS CarbonLite Hole skate skis are available in stiff and medium flex options. These skate skis are compatible with both SNS and NNN skate ski binding systems. Fischer RCS CarbonLite Skating Hole Skis Highlights: HOLE SKI TECHNOLOGY - reduces weight and inertia resulting in less energy exertion, improved balance and higher skate stride frequencies BASE FINISH - DIAMOND TUNED GRINDING (DTG) WORLD CUP: synthetic diamonds are used to create the structure in the ski base CORE - AIR CORE CARBONLITE: the patented AirCore Carbonlite technology produces lightweight, durable and torsionally rigid skis; fisher skis have one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios in the business. Bi-Directional carbon and composite technology produces an extremely lightweight ski EDGE/BASE - POWER EDGE: reinforced ski chassis ensures longer service life; homogenous pressure distribution for uniform wax wear and maximum retention of climbing and gliding characteristics SWINGWEIGHT - SPEED TIP/SPEED TAIL: a minimized ski tip design further reduces swing weight and optimizes performance; the modified tip is made of an ultra-light, high performance carbon fiber resulting in more speed with less effort; modified carbon fiber tail design is lighter in weight, yet incredibly strong PREWAXED: during production, race skis are prewaxed. This reduces base prep time and makes for faster skis in less time COMPUTER FLEX CONTROL-each ski is computer tested for tension, camber, height,length and position of the wax pocket. Each ski is then matched with it's life mate perfectly!