Swix CH 7 Violet Paraffin Wax

Size: 180g

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2012 Swix CH7 Hydro wax

Swix CH7 falls in the middle of the CH system, providing a great all condition race wax and an excellent base for bonding other warmer or colder waxes and powders."Swix CH7 Violet White 180g CH007-18 Temperature Range: -2'C to -8'C (28'F to 18'F) CH7 is a good general purpose pre-wax and travel wax because its range for use falls in the middle of the system CH7 makes a good base bonding wax for either warmer or colder waxes applied later For summer and glacier skiing and riding it provides good glide plus good base protection especially when mixed with CH3 Recommended Iron Setting: 135'C (275'F)